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Prodigy Math Games: A Great Educational Tool for Teachers

Prodigy Math Good

Gone are the days when Math felt so boring and tedious. With the power of free game apps, young players now have more access to educational games that are both fun and useful. Many schools – especially in the UK and US – use game apps like Prodigy Math Games as a great way to help students learn more about Math minus the boredom.

A School Exercise That Students Love

In fact, teachers already use a system called TAG: Teacher, At-seat practice, Games. The method here is that students move to 3 rotations inside a classroom with either desktop computers or tablets. The mechanic is simple: if a student solves the math problem found in an enemy encounter, they will defeat it. Put in the wrong answer and your character loses. Not only does it work as an engaging and fun exercise, but it’s also a great data collection method for teachers too.

The game also has a dashboard for teachers which makes them the Archwizard of our Prodigy math players. They can track down the progress of each student in the classroom and find their records. It helps educators figure out the learning process of their students, making it easier to adjust lesson plans as needed.

A Great Way to Practice Remote Learning

Remote learning caters to both school and home-tutored learners. Since all you need is a PC, a smartphone, and a stable internet connection– you can practically teach math anytime, anywhere. Remote Learning also expands the reach of educational attainment. Imagine never having to travel for hours just to give your kids the education they need. It’s the future of learning and Prodigy Math Game is at the helm of it all!

All Math & No Play Makes A Dull Wizard

The presence of a teacher can be quite intimidating. Sometimes it’s okay to let kids learn for themselves. To put the information they’ve obtained into practice. It’s a good thing Prodigy Math Game takes that into consideration by incorporating two game modes: School and Home.

Home mode allows you to play the game without the presence of a superior. You’re tasked to solve math problems on your own with minor tips coming from the game itself. It’s a great way to apply newly learned arithmetic skills– it can also serve as a fun test for students.

School mode, of course, is the complete opposite of Home mode. You will be guided by your teacher which serves as your Math Wizard mentor. Primarily, your educator has more access to your math problem screens as it accompanies you throughout your adventures. Teachers have access to pen tools that they can use to guide you through a problem. And that is one of the many secrets they can do in the Prodigy Math Game.

Game difficulties are based on which Grade you are in at school. Unsurprisingly, Grades 6 to 8 involve the hardest math problems from just the first enemy encounter alone. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Math Wizard? Then download and play Prodigy Math Game on your PC now!