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Prodigy Math Game Gets a Facelift for 2021

The highly acclaimed math-themed educational Prodigy Math Game is getting a new look for 2021, and it’s looking great. If you have been a longtime fan of the game or a previous player, you might want to check out the prodigy game changes for future reference. With that said, let’s take a brief overview of the new face of Prodigy Math Game.

New Symbol

One of the most noticeable changes in Prodigy Math Game is the new logo. Users can see it  now by the letter “P” instead of the word “prodigy.” The game also changed the color scheme of the symbol from Sky Blue to orange. To make the symbol minimal, the cute monster on top of the previous symbol is no more.

As per the game’s website, the new Prodigy Math Symbol represents the student’s lifelong journey. Formed by a single line, the letter “P” represents each student’s steady growth on his or her journey towards learning. The curves or the twists and turns seen in the new symbol represents the challenges each student will face along the way.


PM Symbol


Prodigy Math Mascot Makeover

The lovable monster named Ed, who served as the main mascot for Prodigy Math Game, got a makeover. Your cute companion retains all the same attributes seen in the past. What is new with Ed is that he now wears the orange hue just like the symbol.

In addition to the mascot’s existing attributes, Ed is now in 3D, which means that your companion is more interactive than ever. Ed will now pop up anywhere in the game in his 3D form to provide you with the much-needed confidence boost easing the learning anxiety often experienced by kids.


PM Mascot


Brighter Colors

For instance, Prodigy Math Game also features new colors to make learning even more lively and fun. Gone is the relaxing sky blue theme, and in comes, the Prodigy Orange aimed to shift from relaxed to joyful learning. On top of the orange, the hue is the various color palette that induces the students’ imagination, positivity, and optimism. All in all, the new shades make Prodigy Math Game more fun and interactive than ever before.


Bright Colors


Prodigy Math New Fonts

In addition, there are two new fonts exclusively for Prodigy Math Game. Both fonts were carefully designed to make learning not just fun but functional as well. The first font called Prodigy Sans is a custom font created by Prodigy game. The best part is that Prodigy Sans is available free for everyone to use. The other font is a hand script called Quick, which represents the imaginative and optimistic attitude towards learning. Both fonts are now available in the game for everyone to see.


PM New fonts


The Best Educational Math-Learning Game Available

Since its inception in 2018, Prodigy Math Game has become the most sought out educational math-learning game by everyone. Of course, mostly by both parents and teachers. Over its short time of existence, the program has helped countless students and teachers teach math to even the most challenging students out there. The unique gameplay structure combined with direct support from some of the best tutors in math makes Prodigy Math Game. Unlike any educational game, you have ever seen before.

Thanks to the game’s innovative structure made up of various fun activities, kids are more responsive to new information taught through the app. Even better is that prodigy offers over 1500 skill-building activities for a more diverse and fun learning experience. The new face of Prodigy Math Game is a much-welcomed overhaul of the old version. Think of it as an evolved version of the more innovative, interactive, and fun game than ever before.

Therefore, if you are having a difficult time learning the subject of math or if you are a parent looking for a new fun way to teach your kids, then why not try this game? A new and improved Prodigy Math game is something that you definitely should check out.