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Prodigy Math Game Versus Other Mathematics Games

Prodigy Math is a great and innovative fantasy RPG that fuses education with fun gaming concepts. it serves its purpose to convince kids to engage in the Math subject, but how does it truly compare against other Mathematics games out there? Is Prodigy Math actually the best educational game out there? Let’s find out!

Taking on The Trailblazer CoolMathGames

One of the first and most popular mathematics games is CoolMathGames. Originally, it served as a web browser game with multiple modes that involve math. It also became the most prevalent math game during its time and soon garnered its fanbase. Unusually, the fanbase is as active as any gaming community and uses the title as a meme reference.



However, it doesn’t have the immersive role-playing experience present in Prodigy Math Game. This makes Prodigy a cut above CoolMathGames.

Prodigy Against The Formidable Kizi

Another popular math game is Kizi. Much like CoolMathGames, it includes limitless game modes that focus on the academic subject; giving players the freedom to choose any mini-games they want. Arguably, experienced players claim that KiZi has lower difficulty than CoolMathGames but we assume this just comes down to preference.

Art design is as simplistic as CoolMathGames; each game has its own art style and problem-solving. You can consider Kizi a game within a game since it does not have a single solid game that makes it an identifiable title compared to others in its genre.

Kizi is perfect for players who aren’t fond of getting stuck in one type of game. Although Prodigy still towers over it as a complete and engaging game overall. No amount of mini-games can take on the compelling story-driven adventures of a Math Wizard. This is on top of the fact that the latter also has various mini-games of its own. It’s on a completely different level!

Why Prodigy Math Is The Best Learning Game

While Prodigy isn’t the first math game around, it’s one-of-a-kind in a way that developers were able to completely fuse education with video games. It’s rare for learning games to make this kind of combination as most of them tend to be forced and boring. Prodigy Math took great care in incorporating great RPG elements with math learning.

Another reason why Prodigy stands out is because of its amazing Teacher-Student system, giving both parties the luxury of letting the bot generate questions and test results. Educators are also into the role-play as they can create wizards themselves– mentors that guide our aspiring young Math wizards. So join the magical world of Prodigy Math! Let the magic of numbers unleash your true power! Download and play the game here for free!